Nikolay ILIEV

Trombone, trumpet

Born in Vidin (Bugaria) I started to play the trumpet at age of 13. After 5 years of music studies at the St Cyril and Methody High School I graduated with Music Activities Leader certificate at 1994. While studying at St Cyril and Methody High School I founded the first Youth Jazz Band in Vidin, formed mainly by colleagues from my class. In 1998 I went to Switzerland to study first french (5 months) at the Cours Pré-Universitaire and then from september 1999 the trumpet at the Conservatoire de Fribourg with Jean-François Michel (former principal trumpet with the Munich Philharmonic) and I graduated in 2004 with Diplôme d’enseignement de Trompette . While studying I taught brass pupils at the St Cecilia Music School, Dompierre (Switzerland). In december 2003 I was awarded the RNCM Governors’ Award and RNCM Entrance Award while auditioning for a place as postgraduate student. Once again I had to pack and go further. I am based currently in Manchester, United Kingdom while waiting for my graduating ceremony which is going to take place on 13/12/2005 at the RNCM.. I studied the trumpet at the RNCM with Murray Greig and John Miller on the Postgraduate Diploma in Performance

During all these years I attended masterclasses and have been given private lessons among others by Maurice André, Rod Franks, Maurice Murphy, Hakan Hardenberger and more recently studied with Larry Meregillano

Work experience

Teaching: 2002-2004 Teaching brass at the Dompierre brass band (Switzerland)

Music Performance:

I was principal Trumpet with Vidin Philharmonic for 2 years, Tutti flugelhorn and French horn with Vidin Municipality Wind Band for 2 years (both between 2006-2008), 3 months substitute co-principal with Dublin Philharmonic for their US tour in 2009 and played in show and party bands for Amara World Hotels in Turkey between 2012-2017

Since 05.2018 I play trumpet and occasionally trombone with Razgrad Drama&Music center (mostly or orchestra pit work)

Curently based in Razgrad, Bulgaria

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