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What is MyMaster Connect

MyMaster Connect is a place for students and teachers, from all over the world, to make their first engagement and start their lessons with MyMaster app.

As a Professor, you can create your own page and be accessible for students all over the world. Students can fill the application form if they want to take lessons with you. The application enables you to watch them play before you decide if you like to teach them. Once you decided, you can invite them to "My Class" on MyMaster app and start working with them personally.

Student can use MyMaster Connect for searching their desired teacher and to apply for lessons. The application form can be found in every teacher personal page in MyMaster Connect website. It opens endless possibilities to find teachers around the world. To start your engagement with your teacher on MyMaster app you must be invited by your teacher to use MyMaster app.

About MyMaster app

MyMaster app is an interactive distance learning service. MyMaster enables you to teach students remotely from anywhere in the world anytime you want with no time zone consideration and no latency.

MyMaster allows you to follow your students’ progress when traveling or having busy schedule. MyMaster opens endless possibilities to teach new students around the world.

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Professors enrollment

Professors who wish to create a page and to be able to acquire new students, can complete the following enrollment form.

Once submitting all your data, you will be able to advertise your personal page at your favorite media. Your personal page will enable you to receive students’ requests for taking lessons with you.

When the students’ applications arrive, just choose who do you want to work with and invite them (using MyMaster app or any other platform that is convenient for you).

Professors enrollment
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